Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Tully's Should Be Your Syracuse GameTime Meal Destination?

So as you can see (or those who follow my Twitter know), I was in the Syracuse area this past weekend for my cousins wedding and of course, I had to stop off at Tully's (Tully's Good Times ). The original plan was to go for lunch on Friday until I realized the wedding did not start until 6:30pm so plans were changed and my cousins, uncle, nephew and myself went to Tully's for the Syracuse football game. Despite the score and a couple Penn State fans in attendance, a good time was had by all. So here is why you too should attend a Tully's for your game time experience.

First, the free popcorn at each table as you sit down. No crappy chips or rolls, Tully goes big time and rolls out the great popcorn which you probably will end up needing a refill once you taste it. It can be used as a free appetizer if you are on a budget like I was this past weekend and you will be surprised how full you will get. And do you see those big drinks cups in the background (we had free beer waiting for us for later at the wedding so we drank cheaper stuff for lunch)? Those are not cheap but they are big and come with free refills. We sat there until deep into the 4th quarter (we had the groom with us so we had to leave early) and they refilled without putting any limits on it.

They have a great variety on the menu at Tully's from the wings to the delicious cheese steak sandwich. However, the most popular and delicious plate on their menu is the Tully's Tenders Dinner. This is a great plate that will fill you up if the popcorn didn't already. And if you have a health nut in the bunch but do not want to be left out, have them order the Tully's Tender Salad (which judging by that gut you see up top, is what I may be ordering in the future, have another wedding July 31st, 2010).

And if your wife is stressing that you can watch the game but at home because stuff needs to be done around there or you have to listen while at work, you can always order take out and feel like you are there (though minus the many TVs that show the game for all of Tully's to see no matter what direction your booth/chair is facing).

So if your in Syracuse, or one of the other fine locations that has a Tully's (which you can verify by checking here Tully's Good Times), I highly recommend you check them out, especially on game day. Tully's is a great Syracuse tradition so we must all do our part to ensure it remains that way and not retired like other great traditions have been lately. Go Tully's Tenders and Go Orange!

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