Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contest Corner 8-18

Trailer Choir : Dover International Speedway : Racin' the Beer Gut Sweeptakes
My contractual obligated racing contest entry actually revolves around a group I like because I have heard the song, "Rockin The Beer Gut" which is actually about a girl who has one and found it entertaining. Anyway, check out this contest for a way to check out a free trip to some racing and some country music all in one trip.

Is for the gamers who want a chance to win Madden NFL 10 and a Sony Playstation.

I also like to find free trips to Vegas so this one fits perfect, especially if you like the rodeo. Trust me, any trip to Vegas is worth trying for.

Nestle The Kid In You Sweepstakes
Ever want to try your luck at a fantasy camp? This one will allow you to pick the sports fantasy camp of your choice.

If you want some baseball tickets, try this one and see if it helps.

My Coke Rewards
And last but not least, I am not sure how many of you drink Coke products which includes Powerade but this is a great website that I have featured in the past. I am reusing it because they are currently featuring ultimate fan contests for a lot of college teams (though unfortunately not Syracuse, sorry) as well as the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs. All you have to do is register and enter your codes from the under the bottle caps and you will have a shot at those and many other contests or save up for free things, including drinks for 24 points a piece.

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