Sunday, August 30, 2009

Otto Called Bizarre And I Consider Getting Rid Of AOL

Bizarre School Mascots - AOL Living

So I am searching for some jobs to apply to this afternoon when my father instant messages me. He says, "Hey, I see you beloved Otto was named as a bizarre mascot." Now, I love Otto and he knows it so I asked for the link and was even more shocked to find that it was a site supported by the same email carrier I have had since I switched from Prodigy in like 1999. If you click on the arrows in the link and go to picture 4 of 7, you will find them disrespecting Otto by labeling him as bizarre. Yes, I know Syracuse is not known for their Orange orchards but if that is the argument then we can talk (and we have even discussed in the past on this blog and others about other possible names for the program but it could be worse and be a large salt shaker I guess). As long as Syracuse is called the Orange or Orangemen (Orangewomen), then having a giant orange as a mascot makes sense and he is not bizarre, he is our friend and I am sorry some jackass in an AOL office does not appreciate it as such.

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