Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Floyd Little May Finally Get Into The Football Hall Of Fame

Dick LeBeau, Floyd Little Are Seniors Nominees for Hall of Fame Class of 2010

I was strolling through my Twitter when I found this headline posted from the guys @Fanhouse about a story I had seen earlier but never got the chance to follow up (I had to run some errands and got side tracked with other stuff or this would be under the junk links at least). If you follow this blog and do not know who Floyd Little is, I will not ridicule you but simple ask you to google him or watch the ending of The Express because that is who Ernie Davis passes the #44 jersey to after he leaves the program. He is part of the #44 trifecta along with Davis and Jim Brown that helped support the idea,no matter how stupid I think it is, to retire the 44. He also is the greatest running back in Denver Bronco history and if he had a better offensive line, may have even surpassed Jim Brown's rushing record (as many have speculated). I also remember he was a part of a chat Axe did before he got his start at WNSS. My hope is that both men (including Dick Lebeau) finally get the respect they are long overdue and get into the hall soon.

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