Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Greg Paulus Starting As SU QB Could Equal Dan Patrick Playing SU Basketball?

For those who have not heard, Syracuse football head coach Doug Marrone has named Greg Paulus as the starting QB to start the season. And while I was pondering this, I was also listening to The Dan Patrick Show and a discussion broke out about his basketball eligibility. Because he was a walk on player at Eastern Kentucky and never did anything but sit the bench his whole two years there, he may still have some eligibility. There was talk because he likes Coach K at Duke that he would give up his job and leave to play one year in the NCAA if someone like Coach K gave him an offer. Coach Boeheim's name was also mentioned as he is a frequent guest on the show and it left me wondering something. In light of the publicity Paulus has brought to Syracuse with his move, what about Dan Patrick playing one year of NCAA Division 1 basketball at Syracuse?

I know at first you may scoff at this proposal but he could help with both the team and Newhouse. He would be the most popular bench player in the history of NCAA basketball. He could handle the reporters questions on any subject. Dan could possibly have the sources to make this into a regular column in SI magazine about his journey, which in turn is a regular column about Syracuse basketball and life on campus. Occasionally, he could jump over to the announcers table and call a game with Matt Roe and Matt Park but keep his jersey on so if Coach Boeheim needed him, he could go in from there.

The possibilities are endless as to how this could benefit the program and the university. If not for Bret Favre unretiring yet again (unretiring is now called Doing The Favre), Greg Paulus being named a starter is all over ESPN right now with frequent people commenting on the impact of the situation. Dan was at one time good enough to make a team and maybe his experience has made him a wiser player and who knows how good he could be until you give him a try. And who knows, maybe Syracuse becomes a location for anyone with notoriety to come and get some playing time, especially with programs like Newhouse on campus to consider.

Sure I am being somewhat sarcastic with this article but I bet at least some of you who read this wondered the possibilities yourself and you have to wonder what Dr. Gross would think of such an option as well as Coach Boeheim.

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