Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandpa Greg, Your SU Starting QB On Dan Patrick Show Today

Greg Paulus says that he's ready to start at QB for Syracuse - Dan

Greg Paulus appeared on The Dan Patrick Show today to talk about the other Syracuse football players calling him an old man or "Gramps", his prep work for the position, talking to Coach K and why he thinks he is better then his brother Mike, who is slated to play QB at UNC this season. Also discuss was the anticipation of Paulus at QB when they play UConn because some fans there seem to not appreciate the Paulus name (like we give a damn what UConn fans think).

By the way, I have been witness to many conversations over the past week or so here in North Carolina with people at my son's football game and in line at stores where people speculate that Greg Paulus is simple a PR move. I keep my opinions to myself unless asked only because sometimes it is more amusing to hear them make their arguments based on nothing but their theories in life and have never seen the guy throw a football. He was one of the best football players to come out of central NY with football scholarship offers to many division 1 schools but chose to play basketball at Duke instead. I would say to wait until he plays before judging him but any football coach who wants to win will not simply name a QB for PR reasons but because he wants the most effective way to win games and I think right now, with all I have heard, Greg Paulus is that guy. This also gives Ryan Nassib and Charlie Loeb a chance to learn the system for next year to be more effective in the new package (I laugh at that package quote every time I think about it).

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