Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cleaning Out The Junk Drawer-Weekend Edition

I have noticed a few things this weekend and since I have plenty of time on my hands and want to share these with you, I figured I would give you the links to enjoy updating yourself on some Syracuse sports and other topics.

Donnie from has an in depth interview with Coach Dough Marrone on his expectations as far as recruiting for the Syracuse football program right now.
The link above was passed on by Anish Shroff on Twitter and since I don't have ESPN Insider access anymore, only those of you who have it can read the entire thing.
Joe Fields may have a chance to see some playing time for the Carolina Panther this season after spending last season on the practice squad. The article has quotes from Fields talking about how he thinks new defensive coordinator Ron Meeks could have the perfect playbook for Joe's skill set. Best of luck to Joe who had a good preseason last year but due to a heavy roster and healthy players, never got the chance to show it during the regular season.
This is a generic link but it will help those of you curious about some of the basketball tournaments that will start later this year including Syracuse/Florida for the Big East/SEC Invitational in December.
I am not sure how many of you are Buffalo Bills fans but I know we have some who check out the website from time to time and so this one is for you. It is a contest to determine the ultimate Buffalo Bills fan, though I think since Brent Axe officially works for them, he will not be allowed to enter. You cold win a year of Perry's Ice Cream, Bills season tickets and an invite to a tailgate party with Jim Kelly or at least be one of 11 finalists to win tickets to the season opener and a 50th anniversary jersey.
If you are a WWE fan, you may want to check out this link about the home of their show WWE Superstars which occasionally features contest and other things. If you do not get WGN, according to you can now check out the shows on Hulu as well.
If you prefer MMA, then I recommend you check this site about, especially if you want to keep up to date on the August 15th Carano/Cyborg fight card and the changes being made due to some injuries already.
Hey all you Matt McClusky Sports Fix fans, check out Matt's work here as well in the Coaches Corner segment as he interviews the coaches and players on video nonetheless for the Watertown Red And Black Semi Pro football team.
Any classic rock fans will appreciate this tribute to Bob Segar playing golf on their weekly Fat Guy Friday segment. The man made some great music back in the day and is obviously enjoying the good life now.
For anyone curious where I find the majority of my sports contests and others that may not be sports related, this is the main website. I highly recommend checking it out if you are like me and don't mind filling out the forms for some great prizes.
My last junk item is for those of you who either live in Charlotte, NC or those who may visit and are looking for good, quality pizza. This is my favorite place in the area and I highly recommend my favorite combination of a slice of Brooklyn Bridge, a slice of Buffalo Wings pizza with a nice cold Mountain Dew to rinse it down with. They have a wide selection of prepared pizza in a case that they will reheat for you in their ovens when you choose it or you can order your own pie and some knots or wings if you like. Living closest to their Brooklyn Boys outlet in Mooresville, that is where I choose to get my pizza if I have a choice but they have two other franchises in the Charlotte area.

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