Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cris Cyborg Beats Gina Carano By First Round TKO

For those who did not watch the Strikeforce card last night, here is the entire Carano/Cyborg fight. It was brief but very entertaining as well even though my prediction was way off (I had Gina Carano winning by decision). If you would like to see the entire Strikeforce card, which I highly recommend if for no other reason then to watch Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi in a very impressive showing that should have people wanting to see more of his fights in Strikeforce, check out Showtime this week and I think it should be on Showtime on Demand by Tuesday according to what I read on Twitter earlier today(sorry, I forget who the source was).

I am now excited to see what Strikeforce will do with Fedor and Mousasi as well as do they jump on the rematch bandwagon with Carano/Cyborg or what. I personally think that unless CBS says they want the rematch soon on primetime network television, then both Carano and Cyborg should fight at least once before they try it again. I also hope to see Fedor against Bret Rogers in October. I think that is a tremendous fight that has to happen one day soon and Rogers has the perfect charisma to build interest and the ability to pull it off.

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