Friday, August 14, 2009

This Is Why The Offensive Line Will Be Improved

Syracuse football's Ryan Nassib and the offensive line.

I have said all along and I will say it again, Syracuse University hiring Doug Marrone will definately help one area of weakness Syracuse football has had of late and this video proves why the offensive line will be better. For those who remember when Coach Marrone played here at Syracuse, he was an offensive lineman and a very good one at that. I hear all the time how a good quarterback can make a team better and a great one will make a team an elite one but without the proper offensive line, even the greatest of quarterbacks will fail more then succeed. Coach Marrone, as you can see in the video, is not content to let this line be a soft spot for this team and is working with them as well as working to find the right mix that will help reestablish Syracuse as a football team to be feared. I look for this line during the progression of the season to vastly improve not only upon last years standards but what many think they are capable of doing. Can you imagine what Delone Carter and the running backs can do behind a good line or Nassib or Paulus will be able to do with Mike Williams and others running routes and they have the time to get them open? I have never been shy to admit that I was really pushing for Turner Gill from Buffalo to get the job when it became open but I have to admit, every day I drink more and more of the Orange Marrone-Ade and I am hopeful of the direction of this program and hope all SU fans are as well.

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