Saturday, August 22, 2009

Syracuse Head Football Coach Doug Marrone And His Expanding Package

So while on my daily search of all things Syracuse Orange, which of course starts with, I found an interesting and very "uplifting" quote about the progression of the Syracuse football team. Donnie Webb, who is the man when you want Syracuse football news, posted an article this morning about how well the Syracuse football team is developing which included quotes from Doug Marrone himself. If you would like to read the entire piece, you can click Syracuse expanding its offensive playbook; Marrone pleased - Orange Football B but for the best quote on the page, check out how "excited" Coach Marrone is about his offensive playbook.

Coach Marrone on the playbook said, and I quote from Donnie's piece, "Obviously, I'm not going to talk about some of the packages we're going to, but we are expanding the packages to where I think ... packages that will give us a better chance - I'm going to talk offensively for now - packages that will give us a better chance to be more efficient on offense and score."

Obviously this is very optimistic news and I could stay here all day using some fun words like arousing and pondering if it is in fact offensive to discuss offensive packages. Instead, I figured I would aim at the advertising market and tell you that unofficially, this quote is brought to you by the great folks at Extenze, the people who simply would love to help you expand your male package.

UPDATE: I was reminded of this song and I just had to give that additional meaning to the quote and added laugh.

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