Friday, August 14, 2009

MMA Fans, Carano/Cyborg Is Hours Away

Tomorrow night at 10:30 pm EST on Showtime, it is finally time to see two women headline an MMA event on a major network. Strikeforce will present a card headlined with the much anticipated fight between Gina Carano and Cris Cyborg for the women's 135 pound belt. Michael David Smith of has an interview up with Gina for those interested as well, which you can find here I know many praise the UFC, and they are a great organization, but those who mock Strikeforce should also note they not only have Fedor but also a talented roster of fighters who would impress you if you gave them a chance. Here is a video to help prepare for the big fight.

By the way, those who try to tell me that Strikeforce being limited to Showtime hurts the chances of average MMA fans watching it, I would ask that you compare the cost of a monthly UFC card verses adding Showtime to your cable or satellite provider. My hunch is, you will find out that Showtime is not only a lot cheaper but also comes with movies 24 hours a day and some boxing as well.

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