Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orange/Syracuse Videos Including Video Of The Year Contender

If you don't like this video, then your Orange fan card is rescinded and you must check yourself for a sense of humor. From Sean at nunesmagician.com, we bring you a sad tale of those who suffer and looking for Syracuse confidence.

I love this video, check out the police escort and bodyguards around Carmelo Anthony and Coach Boeheim essentially fending for himself(though I would have enjoyed it more had we actually heard from Melo and not just screaming kids, at least I think those were the kids).
Carmelo and Boeheim at Wilson Park

Syracuse high school product Dorsey Levens also at the park opening and you can actually hear him speak. He may not be Orange but you have to love a guy from the area who did good.
Dorsey Levens in Syracuse

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