Friday, June 5, 2009

B.O.B Cheap Plug Of The Week-Matt Mc's Sports Fix

I have decided that this sounds like a fun name for a segment I will use to focus in on some blog, website or show that I think deserves some attention. My first one is a mixture of sorts based in Watertown, NY called Matt Mc's Sports Fix (which you can find under my website area or clicking this ).

Not only does Matt McClusky have his own show from 5pm-6pm EST but he also is a fixture on Twitter (McsSportsFix), every weekday morning posts his Hot Links (a blog basically of sports topics), and is the voice of the Watertown Wizards baseball team (damn, I can't even find one job and he has about 10 of them). You can find him now only on the internet (archives only) but if you live in the North Country area, you can find him on your radio on 1410 AM ESPN Radio. Matt also encourages interaction with his show which you can do via email at or his Twitter page. And even add him to your Facebook page if you like here

Matt is right now interviewing Gerry McNamara (maybe you have heard of him?) and has even had some of our favorite bloggers on his show including Troy Keeley. If you happen to call the show, his favorite sport to discuss is curling so make sure you bring it up. He is a grad of SUNY-Oswego and South Jefferson Central School so he is a local boy who we should show some love for when we can.

(All information and picture courtesy of his Twittering and

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