Friday, June 5, 2009

If You Like MMA, Check This Out

For those of you who like MMA, this is a good weekend for you. Strikeforce will be on Showtime tomorrow night with a great card with a main event of Jake Shields vs Robbie Lawler and Sunday night Verses will have a WEC card featuring Mike Brown verses Urijah Faber. Yes, I know The Stanley Cup finals continue this weekend and that NBA thing as well but I love these cards and will have to find a way to check them out.

For those of you who love reading about MMA from a neutral site, I highly recommend . Ariel Helwani and Michael David Smith do great work over there and provide not only top notch analysis but videos and interviews with the fighters.

If you have Sirius Satellite Radio, I also think you should check out Hardcore Sports Channel 98 from 4pm-5pm every weekday as they air Fight Network Radio. They provide MMA, wrestling and boxing news and do a great job of it.

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