Friday, June 12, 2009

B.O.B. Cheap Plug Of The Week-

Today I want to feature a great website for people who love lacrosse, especially those in the central New York area (but not just limited to it) called . My purpose with this feature is to not only point out places and people I enjoy but also people who I think are doing great work, sometimes even going above and beyond the call. This website is is run by people so passionate that they not only report it and provide news stories off the wire related to lacrosse but often times, they actually attend the events themselves. It covers everything from high school programs to all levels of college and even updates on camps and such. You can find them on Twitter as well under the name justlacrosse , which I know is a stretch but I am sure there is some meaning behind it. If you are anything from a casual fan to a die hard lacrosse junkie, Dennis has the perfect site for you. I must admit, before I found his site I had discussions with someone about starting a blog about lacrosse but now that I found this one, I know I could never have done it justice the way Dennis has. Check it out today and show the site some Orange flavored loving. And if you don't like the site, I will give you your money back guaranteed (it's free and since I am still out of work, that is about the only money back guarantee I can make). Oh and if you don't like lacrosse, you just are not patriotic enough because lacrosse is as American as apple pie.

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