Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fox Sports Jeff Goodman Calls Jonny Flynn Top Point Guard In The NBA Draft

I found this video and thought some of you may want to see it. I don't know much about Jeff but hey, he gives Jonny Flynn a top grade at the point guard position in this draft so that alone means he can't be too bad, right? Even though he thinks Sacramento will take Ricky Rubio with the number 4 pick which some actually have Jonny possibly going that high. He does rate Steph Curry at 3rd best with Wake Forest's Teague being under rated and number 2(I don't remember much about him so I will defer to his judgement, though I love the potential of Curry second only to that of Jonny Flynn). I know many are dubbing this as one of the worst drafts in years (even heard Ryan Russilo on ESPN Radio call it the worst in 20 years) but I like the lottery side of the draft, not to mention I think it is unfair to evaluate such a statement until we have a chance to see these guys play in the NBA. I guess we will know more this Thursday as the NBA Draft will be televised on ESPN for all to enjoy the view of Sir David Stern and his glory.

UPDATE: It would not allow me to embed the video on Blogger but if your interested, here is the link to the video

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