Monday, June 8, 2009

Coach Doug Marrone Needs Your Love

So I found this article on ESPN by Brian Bennett, which you can read here about Big East coaches on Twitter. I was heartbroken to find out West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart has the most followers of all the coaches with 2,795 followers. When I looked before writing this, Coach Doug Marrone had only 664 followers and that my Orange friends is a tragedy of great magnitude.

664? Yes, Coach has admitted that someone usually posts his Tweets for him but hey, it's a Syracuse head coach and we need to show him our support regardless. I am not just saying this because I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I saw he responded to one of my comments to him, this will not be tolerated in Orange Nation. If you are a Syracuse fan and have Twitter, add dougmarrone to your account NOW! And if you do not have twitter, sign up now and make him your first friend. I hear people talk about how we need to save this program and build from the bottom up while that includes us as fans showing our love and support to a man who is dedicating his life to restoring this program to it's glory days. ADD dougmarrone NOW and Twitter away!!! Go Orange!

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