Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Would You Do If You Had The Stanley Cup For A Day?

Last night, while on Twitter, I was talking to our buddy Brent Axe about the results of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. The discussion at one point turned into one in which we questioned what we would do if we won it and had the cup at our disposal for the day. For those that don't know, NHL tradition dictates that everyone on the winning team gets a day to spend with the cup to do as they wish without destroying it. The cup is then placed in waiting at the hockey hall of fame until next year when the next team earns the right to carry it. So what would I do with it?

I joked with Axe that I would load it up with Tully's Tenders or tour central NY sports bars and sample many foods in it. I would then take it to a strip club and watch the ladies drool and maybe even see if one of the ladies would give the Cup it's own lap dance. After an experience like that, the memories would be great and the amount of new friends you acquired would be enormous.

The truth is, I am not sure because the Cup is the greatest trophy in all of sports and well, not sure the wife would be thrilled with the stripper routine. I do think I would plan a family celebration/BBQ so that everyone could share in my joy. Maybe clean it out and fill it with Powerade for all the family to sample from along with myself. I know for a fact, I would go through a whole roll of film making sure I had numerous pictures of myself with it. I might even drive around the neighborhood in the back of a truck slowly to allow others a chance to get a close up view of it. And then, before I pass it on to the next player in line, I would stand atop of my roof and holler, "I AM A GREEK GOD AND STANLEY CUP CHAMPION" and drink beer from it until I passed out for all to see, snuggling up to the cup as though I was a 4 year old child with their favorite night time animal to protect me from the Boogeyman.

Anyway, what would you do if you had the Cup for one day? Would you be the unofficial mayor of your local sports bar? Would you use it as a pick up line with the ladies, "Want to see my cup size?" Would you charge people money to have their own moments with it? Or would you be as boring I probably would?

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