Monday, June 29, 2009

Jonny Flynn Already Making A Great First Impression And Other Flynn News Nuggets

I found this link courtesy of the Minnesota Timberwolves official website and Twitter account (MNTimberwolves) where they discuss how if Jonny Flynn's height doesn't get your attention, his personality and ability sure will, something Syracuse Orange fans already knew. It is a great read and I personally love seeing anything that portrays an Orange athlete in a positive light. This is exactly the reason many of us fans were selfish and not wanting to let him know because we knew he was special.

In fact, he is so special, he is getting the key to the city of Niagara Falls for being the first Niagara Falls resident drafted in the NBA, which you can read more about here . Man, I miss the guy already but know he will do great things in the NBA.

By the way, for those curious about Ricky Rubio, I heard today on Mad Dog Radio on Sirius XM Radio that Minnesota will keep the rights to Rubio for as many years as they like. Rod Thorn from the New Jerset Nets was on there and made that statement so Rubio can not wait out the process. His only options are to play in Minnesota or hope Minnesota is made an offer they can't refuse (and I have heard some of the offers so far and if true, I can see why there has been no trade as of yet). Is Minnesota seriously ready to spend a top draft pick for a guy who may be in Europe for the next couple years, hopefully developing his game? They say yes and there is a chance that they may be willing to do so. Everybody loves his passing ability but it is amazing how many frown on his shooting and defense, which competing point guards would love to play against knowing they can score at will and he can't. At this point, I would count on Jonny Flynn being the starting point guard for the next year or two. Oh and hey Jonny, if you are reading this, Kevin Love is trying to reach you (

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