Friday, June 5, 2009

Jonny Flynn Verses Stephen Curry In The Battle For The Best Point Guard In The 2009 Draft

Before anyone reads this a quotes me about how good Ricky Rubio is, I am going to tell you that I don't care. This is about the two guys I have seen play often and I think are the top two guards in the draft, Stephen Curry of Davidson and of course Syracuse University's Jonny Flynn.

First, let's discuss why I think Stephen Curry is a lock for the lottery with it probably being the Knicks or higher, barring someone trading up for him. Everything I have seen about him and seen of him when he plays screams he is a phenomenal shooter. He can carry a team on his back or be the backbone who feeds a team to a victory. I read that the Charlotte Bobcats worked him out and loved him but were a bit bothered by the fact that they figure he will be long gone by the time they pick twelfth overall. To me though, if you are the Bobcats, why would you not trade up to get him? Of course, with their ownership in question and even possibly Larry Brown's future in Charlotte questionable as I read here, who knows what may happen before the draft and what they plan to do? According to some sources, Curry could be seen drafted as high as third to Oklahoma City and will probably be trying out for them soon. If Curry goes to Oklahoma City or the Knicks, where will we see Flynn go? And how will we live without another great rap video from the guys at Davidson College like this one below.

Now on to my favorite, Mr. Jonny Flynn. Of course we will miss seeing him in a Syracuse jersey but I hope any fan who bleeds Orange supports his decision to do what he thinks is in his best interest. Many people speculated that with some talented guards in this draft, Flynn would not even be considered for the lottery so it was in his best interest to return. My how times have changed according to this report in the Niagra Gazette The reason I like this story is actually because it mentions him going possibly as high as fourth to the same team who went Orange last year with Donte Greene, the Sacramento Kings. Jonny can push the tempo of a game or stay outside and shoot the long ball, depending on what he needs to do as those of us who watched him play can attest. Flynn is apparently impressing people with more then just the heart he showed during the post season this year, he is playing great and using things like his vertical to help jump over the rest of the competition just like this.

I personally think D'Antoni and the Knicks will jump up to get one of these guys, especially if they can find someone willing to make the trade for something they can offer and one of them goes off the board as high as speculated. Many are speculating that the Knicks would love them not only for the up tempo game Coach D'Antoni loves to play but because they may be ready to make a huge play for LeBron in 2010 free agency. I am not a huge NBA fan admittedly but I know Oklahoma City and Sacramento are struggling and need players who can score for them and both of these guys can score and make the players around them better with the ball in their hands. So which team picks who? Well, with reports of Rubio only wanting to play for certain teams, I anticipate his trade value will drop so they don't have to deal with this being a sign of a bad attitude. He may drop to NY (D'Antoni coached in Europe and does love their style of play) and who knows, maybe Curry goes three and Flynn four but either way, when this draft is over, two teams will be glad they picked up both players. My gut says though that at least one will go top five with some team jumping up to make sure they get the one they want or those teams drafting a quality starter.

If I have to make a prediction, even though I think Flynn is an overall better player, I would say that Curry goes fourth to the Sacramento Kings and Flynn goes sixth to the Minnesota Timberwolves but honestly, I hope I am wrong, especially for the Knicks sake. Curry says he would love to play in Madison Square Garden and ask UConn how effective Flynn can be there when he wants to win. It's your move NY, how bad do you want to win now?

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