Friday, June 5, 2009

12 Reasons Why.....Orange Chuck Is Back Blogging Again

Instead of some long drawn out reason, I figured I would use my own format to re-introduce myself to people and announce the re-launching of this blog while still being long winded.

12 Reasons Why.....Orange Chuck is Back Blogging Again

1. Who Am I?

My name is Chuck Fiello Jr. and I am a die hard sports fan. I am married with 3 kids who vary in age from 20-15. I love Syracuse sports (university and other teams in that area), New York Mets, Kannapolis Intimidators(minor league team for White Sox in NC), Pittsburgh Penguins (and some love for Carolina Hurricanes), Carolina Panthers, MMA, professional wrestling, and boxing with some interest in other sports and teams as well depending on my mood and what is happening (though NBA is my least favorite of major leagues).

2. Why am I coming back?

I could quote LL Cool J about not calling it a comeback but I did leave so that won't work.
As I said, I love sports but I also discovered late in life that I am passionate about writing as well. I have been dealing with some personal issues and stress in my life so I just needed a break to analyze things, not to mention occasionally finding it hard to be inspired while trying to find a new career since being laid off. I have learned though that I would rather write occasionally as a distraction then not and over analyze things.

3. What can you expect if you want to read this blog?

Nothing because the less you expect, the better my chances of exceeding those expectations. The truth is that I love to write and I am doing this for me just as much as anything else but I do hope anyone who reads or watches stuff posted here, will enjoy it and not feel like I robbed them of precious time they could have spent pulling nose hairs or waxing their cat. I also hope that we can at times interact from each other and learn more about other points of view. I will also do my best to do anything I think helps to fully support the great Orange University of Syracuse and any other topic I feel at the moment is worth commenting about and free my mind (suddenly I had an En Vogue moment there, sorry). Look, my wife hates sports unless our kids are playing them so I have to talk to someone about this stuff and that my friends means it's me and you.

4. Any ideas on features or new ideas?

It is my hope to not only do opinion pieces occasionally but also continue my interviews like this whenever I can find someone willing to do it. I would love to focus primarily on anything Syracuse related but since I do have a broad interest in sports, I would also look at others who could be fun to learn more about, especially if they have an interesting job or outlook on sports. I also hope to continue to find Syracuse related videos and especially support Citrus TV since they are the future of sports journalism. I also hope to incorporate more pictures with stories as well whenever possible.
I am hoping to also come up with original ideas from time to time like for instance maybe a weekly focus on a particular blog/website/show. I considered doing a video show but since my computer is lacking a webcam and I am lacking a job to pay for one, that is out of the question, for now anyway. I am also thinking about a fantasy column where I bring up certain things that would be cool to try(like what championship would you most like to win or what character in a sports film would you most like to be) called the Dream Department (or something like that).

5. Am I active with online networking sites?

Yes, if you look on the page, you will see that thanks to Sean at , I am now on Twitter (OrangeChuck) annoying people on Tweet at a time. I also have a facebook page, AIM, and can be reached on email at . I will also do my best to respond to any comments left on my blog as well either through email or most likely responding in the comments section below it.

6. Is there a chance I will quit again?

I can't promise anything but I would hope not. Being out of work, the military is an option for me again so if that happens, I probably will have to shut it down. Short of that, it is my hope to blog when I can based on my schedule and what it out there to talk about that every other blog has not covered 100 times. Never say never but my hope is to blog for years to come.

7. What about writing for any other websites?

As I mentioned, I love writing so if an offer comes to the table that sounds interesting, then I will do it and probably promote it on this website. Obviously, I do not expect someone to back up an armored car to my doorway and make me the richest blogger in the world (does that mean I would make $1 since most never make money?). I do however enjoy a variety of topics so if something is timed write, I am sure I will jump at it, especially if it pays or something I am just passionate about period.

8. Will I bring back contests?

Yes, if that is what people want. I am a contest freak but if people out there think it is a waste of time, then I may stop. I would simply remind you though that below this is a thing I wrote about winning a contest to Las Vegas for the Ricky Hatton/ Manny Pacquiao fight so I proof that entering can eventually win you stuff (I was told numerous people passed on it thinking it was a scam before they called me). Most simply require you filling out an entry form and are free of charge though occasionally some will give you junk mail but to me, 10-15 emails a day to delete is worth a trip to Vegas anytime.

9. Would I be open to adding more writers?

I changed the name for two reasons and one of them was because if someone ever wanted to participate, they were not under the shadow that is Orange Bloggin Chuck (and the name was in impulse that I later regretted though I love The Big Orange part of it still and maybe someday I will open my own sports bar with that name). If you or someone you know would love to write for a blog without the stress of running one, feel free to send me something and let me know. You do not need to be a NY Post columnist to post here since I obviously fall short of that myself but my only hope is that you try to be positive and limit the cursing as much as possible.

10. Since I ask others about this, what would be my dream job or event to attend?

I would love to do something with my writing but I also am well aware that due to my lack of education (I have a diploma and then was unsuccessful at college and ended up in the Army), my options are limited. I know it is never too late to go back to school but right now is just not the time. My wife and I are both out of work and we can't afford both of us going back to school at once and I would prefer to work. I tried it before and she never did so it's only fair she gets a try. Right now, my dream job is actually a career that will allow me and my family to live comfortably (or as I told someone recently, manage the Mets, whichever comes first) so I am less picky at this point.
My dream event to attend honestly is harder to choose. I have to admit, that trip to Vegas was awesome because it got us access to press conferences, the weigh ins and a seat close to the ring. Topping that would be so hard, and that is not even counting all the extra stuff the great people at the Gary Group and threw in to help make the experience better. I would love to see the Mets win another World Series, the Carolina Panthers in a Super Bowl or the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup (I was there when they did in the 90's and loved it) but I think the best experience overall would be witnessing a Syracuse championship first hand surrounded by other members of Orange Nation, preferably a BCS Championship game maybe with parades and some great tailgating. Or at least hanging out at Tully's with a bunch of Syracuse fans enjoying some Tenders with them and celebrating alongside them.

11. Am I really as dedicated to the Orange as I say I am?

Listen, I am not a Syracuse grad unfortunately (though if I had to do it again, I would have worked harder to achieve that goal) but I was raised in the North Syracuse area for many years, Bridgeport area to be exact and I learned to bleed Orange there. Members of my family loved the Orange and I followed in their footsteps. I also will abandon my wife in a store in a heartbeat if I spot something orange just to see if I want it. There are a few things in life I love besides my family and those are anything Orange, Tully's Good Times, pizza (especially Sami's or any good Brooklyn style) and Powerade. I went out of my way to get an orange car, I have numerous orange clothing (including a Tully's t-shirt and Syracuse football jersey #44, though that is more blue with the lettering orange). My wife is the only thing preventing me from painting my house orange and Otto on my car, despite the fact that I now live in ACC country and people often mistake it for Clemson. I do not own an ipod as I prefer either a radio or online streaming but if I did, I would only do so if it was orange.

12. My Free Space:

I think I have told you more then you probably wanted to know as it is but I do hope you enjoy everything you see on this blog and if not, let me know that also. Thank you for those who have been supportive in the past and even those who did encourage me to restart this blog. Take care and GO ORANGE!


Russianator said...

good to have you back chuck. waxing my cat can wait.

Orange Chuck said...

It's good to be back I think. Is that what you call it, waxing the cat? haha