Monday, June 29, 2009

Orange Nation News Links
First, congratulations go out to Syracuse Orange softball player Jenna Caira for being named to the Senior Women’s National Team for the 2009 Canada Cup, which you can read more about by clicking the link above. Some may ask why I care about softball but I do enjoy the sport as well as anything Orange. I would love to find a way for the Olympic committee to keep women's softball as an Olympic event and it is one of my favorite summer Olympic sports (also love catching college softball on TV from time to time as well).

Jenna is a great pitcher who is just finished her freshman year at Syracuse with 16 wins and 192 strikeouts. You can also find out more about the Orange softball team by checking out Assistant Coach Wallace King on Twitter with the name "CoachKingAtSU".

Mike Waters has a piece after speaking with Eric Devendorf's agent about how they are exploring Eric's future options, which include offers from Europe verses the possibility of a summer league or NBA-D League squad in the hopes of impressing scouts. I personally think Europe would be a great idea for him even though I know he has a family and might think other options are better avenues into the NBA.

Europe pays very well, they have some top notch international talent to get experience with, and NBA scouts do check out Europe from time to time as well or else Ricky Rubio would not be as big of a name already as he is now (Brandon Jennings made some good money over there and he doesn't have nearly the experience Devo has). And as Mike points out so well, D League only pays about $20,000 which unless some NBA scout is promising him a chance to earn an invite to join their preseason roster if he plays well in summer league/D-League, I think you have to make that money that will make you and your family so much better off in the long run and hope you have a good enough agent that he is working with the NBA about bringing you back when he sees an opening. Money isn't the only thing in life but an athlete's playing career is so short in the span of one's life that you should take advantage of it while you can.

Now it seems as though Paul Harris doesn't want out of the shadow of Jonny Flynn. WSTM Channel 3 in Syracuse has a report that says that after a workout with the Cleveland Cavaliers this past weekend, he is now considering playing with Minnesota's summer league team. Maybe he saw that he has a better shot at making Minnesota's NBA team or maybe he misses Jonny that much already, either way something had to have sparked something in him this past weekend to change his mind. I am almost getting to the point with Harris as I was with Devo in that maybe some time in Europe would do him some good as well. If nothing else, this now gives Orange fans a trifecta in Minnesota with Etan, Jonny and Paul all possibly making the roster. I don't follow the NBA much but if Minnesota trades for Carmelo Anthony as well soon, I may just go out and buy a Timberwolves jersey, though not sure which one I would wear.

Sean at discusses the early leaks of Syracuse's basketball season for next season. Wow, and I thought I was early with Brian talking about college football. The schedule will not be any easier with match ups against Florida and Memphis on there as well as the whole Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic. I sure hope Triche and Wes are ready for some high expectations because those match ups will probably test them early. has this great analysis of some Syracuse recruits success in the Under Armour All-American Classic this past weekend. Joe Morasco, Hakeem Lecky, and Joe Fazio (the local product from central NY lacrosse powerhouse West Genesee) were mentioned as playing very well. I love the smell of an Orange dynasty no matter what the sport is.

Brent Axe finally gets to interview Syracuse legend Jim Brown and the link above will take you to the podcast of the interview. I am not just trying to kiss Axeman's butt here because I do think he does some great work but in this interview, I think Jim Brown comes across better then any other time I have heard him speak. Make no mistakes about it, Jim Brown has an opinion and is not afraid to share it and is intelligent enough to support any position (even though he never took a stance on the retirement of #44 in the interview). If you are an Orange fan, this is a must listen to as he also discusses Syracuse lacrosse and the movie The Express.

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