Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jonny Flynn To The Bobcats Looks Less Likely Now

I found this interesting article this morning over at that talks about Jonny Flynn not doing a work out for the Charlotte Bobcats. Bobcats coach Larry Brown says that even though they drafted a point guard first round last year and are likely to resign former Tar Heel Raymond Felton, he would have liked to have had Jonny along with Jrue Holiday (UCLA) and another Tar Heel Ty Lawson work our for the team. Brown says that even though they have the two guards, he would explore the best pick at that point in the draft and not just want they think they need position wise. After looking at mock drafts and everything I have read over the past few weeks, I think it also had something to do with the fact that the Bobcats have the 12th pick and these guys are likely to be gone before that selection.

I know some will make a lot of this fact (or maybe not) but to me, it just does not seem reasonable to work out for every NBA team individually. Though the idea of flying into a fun new city every day may sound appealing to some, I am sure more people have someone strategies their every move as to who they think could draft them and who they think never will. They have pre-draft camps also where everyone works out and you can view them there so these private workouts are not completely needed, even though I am sure most coaches would love to see you you would handle certain scenarios they run. The NBA draft is about drafting who you think has the best talent at your position when you draft and if what Jonny Flynn has done, especially in the past year, is not enough to convince you then with all due respect, maybe you do not need to draft him. I understand you would probably like to also meet the person and judge their character but there is still time for that to be done if you really are interested in the player. I would love to see Flynn in Charlotte because it would actually give me an excuse to go watch this team but I do not blame him for missing out on the workout.

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