Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jonny Flynn Talks NBA Draft on Dan Patrick This Morning

Above is a link where you can read a quick highlight or actually hear the Jonny Flynn interview in it's entirety with Dan Patrick earlier today. In it he discusses his height issue in the draft, which team he would love to be drafted by, Lebron James's role with him entering the draft early, his opinion on who is the best point guard in the draft (himself), and his take on why Coach Boeheim never looks happy. All in all, Flynn comes over very confident but not cocky as well as very down to Earth and a good listen for any Syracuse fan. I still have no idea where he will land, especially since it was reported no long ago that the New York Knicks even just purchased a draft pick for cash, low it was a low first rounder, and I expect more trading before the draft is over.

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