Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big Show Interview

For my wrestling fans, Big Show was in Charlotte promoting the ECW/Smackdown tapings tonight and you can listen to one of the interviews at http://www.wfnz.com/ by scrolling down to the Mac Attack show podcast either on the main page or clicking on podcasts in general. T-Bone, yes the guy who was my first interview, actually surprise show host Mac with 10 minutes noticed before Show walked in for a taped interview that I think lasted about 20 minutes(I heard it as it was aired and no positive on the time limit, sorry). I think its a fun interview to listen to that whether your a wrestling fan or not is light hearted and every one who knows him, knows Big Show is a very entertaining interview. Check it out.

Also, just found this interview checking local radio stations as Big Show also appeared on the morning show for 96.1 The Beat. Some similarities to the http://www.wfnz.com/ interview except this one includes Big Show's take on the Hogan family issues. You can check it out at http://www.charlottesbeat.com/main.html and its listed on the main page.

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