Monday, July 21, 2008

Donte Update For Today

Trish LaMonte at has a great piece up at the link below combining two different stories on reviews of Donte Greene's performance in the summer league. The first is a feature on the Houston Rockets site by staff writer Jason Friedman qith quotes from Donte and Rockets head coach Rick Adelman. The second link she has sends you to a somewhat similiar piece also using Donte quotes as well as some from Rockets GM Daryl Morey and assistant coach Elston Turner. Basically, they talk about how much of a change Donte is going to have to make to adjust to the NBA game. I think all three agree that with hard work and with some close coaching, Donte could be a great contributor to this Rocket teams when his number is called. Though they discuss how much work he has to do, this quote from assistant coach Turner sums up some of what they think of him best,""The only thing to do is work. The skills are there. It's up to us to get him ready and turn him into a real good, complete, all-around ballplayer." I am sure some will see this as a negative on Donte but I tend to think the glass is half full and think as long as Donte does what they ask of him and works hard, utilizing the coaching staff and practice time, he could be a great asset along with Yao, McGrady and the newly signed Brent Barry. I think in time and as he gains experience playing with his teammates and others, he will improve. Anyway, check out Trish's piece and click her links to read more.

Also, I just found this item from the Fanhouse guys, the sports blog on AOL who ranked the top players from the NBA Las Vegas summer league action and Donte comes in at #4 with a brief summary. Here is their quote on Donte.
4. Donte Green: Green was kind of the forgotten draft pick this year, and he absolutely lit up Rockets' opponents with a dazzling array of dunks and aggressiveness. The kid's playing with a chip on his shoulder, and it worked.

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