Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Orange Trivia With A Vengeance

I know you can't believe it but it's that time of the week again that I give you yet another round of Orange Trivia. For those new to the blog, this is not a question about Syracuse Orange or any sports team but about yoru average everyday orange items. Here is this weeks question though it may be slightly harder to guess then past ones,most of the thing I could think to describe it would give it away immediately.

Officially launched nationally in 1979, this product has actually been trademarked for 95 years. Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, it was started based on market research indicating it was the third best selling flavor in it's category. My hint for you only applies to those who remember the 80's well but during the middle of that decade, they launched a campaign using the hit song "Good Vibrations". What is this orange item?

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