Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Donte Greene Traded Again?

Orange fans, it looks like there may be a deal in place to trade Donte Greene from the Houston Rockets, along with guard Bobby Jackson to the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest, states Chris Duncan of the AP using anonymous sources. The part holding up the deal, Donte's contract can't be traded within 30 days of signing a contract,which he did on July 14th. All I can say is wow, and I thought I would spend the whole day without posting anything. The article discusses a lot about Artest of course but goes on towards the end to speculate how much Kings coach Reggie Theus likes an uptempo game and Greene could fit well into that game plan. I hope nobody purchased any Donte Greene Houston Rockets jersey's yet or else I hope there are room next to your "Don'te Leave" shirts if you did. I actually sort of feel sorry for Donte who is on his third team in the league already and the regular season hasn't even started yet for the young rookie. I know as an Orange fan, I should be upset by the move but to me, I think both teams improves with this move if it happens. Houston gets another star like they wanted who will be a great defensive addition while Sacramento gets both a veteran guard and a rookie forward with potential. I am also a huge supporter of Bobby Jackson so I am hoping all three prosper from this trade when the season starts. Below is the article if you care to see it for yourself.


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