Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Bret Favre Idea, Though Probably Not Original

Today it is reported that Bret Favre will not report to Green Bay Packers training camp for now and allow the Packers time to work out a deal somehow. I am following it but starting to get tired of the Favre Fair honestly and they need to resolve it soon so we can start the quarterback controversy where he is going because if I am Green Bay, I trade him NOW. I know people want to say he is better then Rogers and therefore deserve to start ahead of him but guess what, after 3 or 4 years of draining this team mentally, he finally retired. This team has moved on and now its time for them to trade him.

I would sit down with Bret and tell him, "Give us your top 5 teams you would be willing to go to and we will work out the best deal for both teams working our way down the list starting at #1. By the way, if you put the Vikings, Bears, or Lions on the list, we will simply skip over them so I would recommend you not have them on the list. We have your rights for 2 more years and we are not releasing you outright so deal with it. You want us to send you somewhere that you can play, I hope those are high on your list and they are willing to give a reasonable trade value for you. If this is not sufficient, then either stay retired or accept the role of backup quarterback."

I have heard numerous people say that since teams have rights to terminate deals, players should have more rights as well. I do think some aspects of that ideal are unfair but honestly, you signed a contract and so now you have to live with it. You want change in how management can treat a player and more rights guaranteed, then negotiate that into the next contract which will be soon,otherwise deal with it. Bret has two years on his deal so just like anyone else with a contract, his contract belongs to Green Bay to do as they wish. The man is one of the greatest to play the game but maybe if he didn't sit back and hold this team hostage for the past couple years while he considered retirement, maybe things would be different.

Look, both sides are handling this ordeal poorly but its hard to tame a two headed monster when both heads are looking out for their best interest and those interests clash. Trade him either for a first round pick if he promises to play at least 2 more seasons, or for a player and a pick,or for a couple picks but trade him soon or both sides will not be able to concentrate on anything except this Favre Fair. And teams who want him, stop negotiating and show your hand because the longer it goes on does nobody good including your team who is missing out more and more on Bret being in camp and working with your players and your playbook. I hope this deal happens soon because I will admit, I have enjoyed laughing at it but much like some of those old movies based on Saturday Night Live skits, sometimes the shorter the joke, the better it is for everyone.

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