Friday, July 18, 2008

Orange Underdogs

Donnie Webb of, who does a great job by the way. has the odds of the Las Vegas odds makers for the season opener August 30th against Northwestern and I doubt Orange fans will be thrilled with this news. After that awful season last year and the low expectations coming into this season, Northwestern is a 12-point favorite to win the game, according to So just how confident are we as Orange nation to start this season with a win? Enough to call up Vegas odds makers and place some money on that point spread? Don't look at me, I am laid off and every dollar counts plus until they can prove something to me, I am not betting one cent on this team and trust me, I would love nothing better then to see them win and give us confidence again in this program. Good luck Orange but just so you know, Vegas doesn't think you have a chance to even be competitive. Post it on your walls or whatever you need to get you up for the challenge but here is to hoping you can pull it out.

Also if you interested, check out The Orange Squeeze for other odds in Big east football action for their openers. AEM has the odds for you to read and I am not going to steal his work so go into my bloggin links and check it out yourself.

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