Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Donte Signs and Scores Big

Trish Lamonte at syracuse.com is reporting that Donte Greene scored 40 points in his summer league game last night to help the Houston Rockets win 100-97 over the Phoenix Suns. She is also confirming a report from Jonathan Feigen on the Houston Chronicle website that states that 5 minute prior to the game, Donte signed a multi year contract though no terms were specificied other then it being a standard rookie deal. I am sure he is disappointed his stock dropped at the draft but if he can perform at a high level, he will earn more later down the line. I hope Donte takes this development as a sort of chip on his shoulder to prove to those GM's who passed on him why his potential could be now with the right coach and system and works hard and contributes when asked to. I wish him the best of luck in the NBA and congrats on the 40 points which if I remember correctly, I think Trish stated was only 2 short of a summer league record. Go Orange!
Here is the link for those interested in seeing the original report from Trish and links to the Chronicle article as well.

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