Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Church For Mets Anytime Soon(Come On, You Know You Love Titles Like That)


This news comes to us from AOL Fanhouse blogs about New York Mets outfielder Ryan Church who has been recovering from a concussion. According to this blog, there was a report on the granddaddy of sports talk radio WFAN stating Church is going back to the disabled list. I can tell you as someone who has suffered his share of them, when it comes to a concussion, you don't play around with it and sometimes the effects last a while. As a Panther fan, one only has to ask Dan Morgan or as a wrestling fan, well pick one of many who had their careers altered or cut short due to them, the brain is not something that bounces right back with therapy. I know some people like former WWE talent Chris Nowinski and others are trying to do research on the effects of them and I hope they can help us figure things out one day. Until then, I hope Ryan takes it easy and comes back when he is healthy and fully ready to play. Even though Alou is injured as well and I am sure the Mets would love to have him there, rushing it could cost this young man his career. However, the blog above lists possible options the Mets could consider in trading for to help fill the void out there. Honestly, I like all 4 names they listed, especially Matt Holliday who I thought had a great season last year with Colorado during their World Series run. Anyway Mets fans, this is how this season is playing out already anyway so are any of you genuinely surprised at this news? Thanks to Josh Alper for the article since I don't listen to WFAN much unless I am back in NY visiting family.

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