Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elite XC

Well after last night, maybe I am becoming more and more of an Elite XC fan or shill,however you wish to word it. I thought all four matches on CBS were great fights and Lawler/Smith fight lived up to the hype of a rematch and I also think Jake Shields showed he is a great asset to that roster as well as one of the best in the welterweight division period. UFC has great talent I know and won't slight them but I feel these guys could compete with them if given the chance. I also think Chris Cyborg proved that she could put up a great fight against the top name in female Gina Carano, hopefully in October on CBS. Cyborg was dominant in fight and short of her premature victory celebration, still showed she was someone to contend with if Gina wants to be the top female fighter. For those who don't follow MMA, I have an intro video of Gina for you so you can see how seriously many females take this sport and the support they have in doing it, including me who knows I wouldn't want to face any of them. Check out Gina and tell me this isn't a good enough reason alone to support female fights in MMA and Elite XC. Don't worry, thats my last video of the night too, I am off to watch Ice Road Truckers.

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