Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Interesting Blog On MMA And Bret Hart

Many of you may or may not know but I have Sirius Satellite Radio and one of the channels is called Hardcore Sports Radio, which gives us an unedited take on sports from Canada and I love it. One of their shows is Fight Network Radio which is an hour long daily broadcast that covers boxing, MMA, and professional wrestling. Well, today I was checking out their website and found this blog from the shows host and Elite XC broadcaster Mauro Ranallo that was actually posted on the first of July. For you wrestling fans, there is an interesting spot at the end of the blog where it discusses a recent Bret Hart incident and some of you may find the read, interesting to say the least. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bret Hart's in ring skills made me a huge fan of his and made him possibly my top in ring performer ever but to say I am shocked at this revelation implies that I idolize these guys for who they are, which I do not, I simply enjoy their abilities in the ring. Anyway, I will again post the link to this blog and those of you who don't like wrestling, there is also some MMA and boxing statements in this as well. Enjoy.

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