Sunday, July 27, 2008

Political Rant-Won't Happen Often But Small One Today

I have wondered since I did that interview with Axe a while back about a statement he made. In his Free Space area, he wrote and I quote, "4. Why do we only get two presidential candidates to choose from?" This got me to thinking about whether I wanted to address this issue or not since I want this blog to mostly be centered around sports but honestly when it comes to politics, that affects everything so why not?

I will not sit here and tell anyone how to vote because I think one of the best and most powerful liberties we have in this nation is the freedoms to express and have our own opinions and have the freedom to vote as you choose. I would however recommend sometimes we need to look at third party alternatives. Please save me the whole "wasting your vote" or "they could never win" speech because they may not have the financial backing of the two bigger parties but many of them have great ideas that we need to explore as a country. I also think that with enough support, you would be surprised what a nation of people can do. And there is also a growing number of people who are not happy with the directions our country is taking on things and how the two party system is trying to monopolize the system while minimize our individual rights and maximize our taxes.

So, in light of that, I found a video on YouTube that I think speaks to people like me who, while we don't think we need a complete overthrow of the government, need to see something different done for once and fed up at times with status quo politics and backdoor deals with corporations that can provide them with the most money. Below is the video that is about 5 minutes in length and I think worth checking out if your curious and undecided about who your voting for this fall or just want to see a different viewpoint. Enjoy and don't worry, I will be back to sports after this.

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