Thursday, July 24, 2008

ESPN and MMA Live

I am the first one to bust ESPN's chops(well, one of them anyway) when I don't like something they do but I found this feed on AOL Fanhouse and think this is a regular show for me to check out. Of course I believe its only on (and I have it on my V-Cast as well I think) and the show is called MMA Live. I like and respect Frank Mir's work in the ring and find his assesments of the sport, knowledgeable and on a basis that the basic fan can understand him easily as well. Thank you ESPN for your coverage. Not to compare the two but don't forget those of us old enough to remember, years ago, ESPN used to feature wrestling regularly as well, World Class Championship Wrestling if I am not mistaken. So here is a clip of their current show and you be the judge.

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