Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Former Orange QB Donovan McNabb Update

This may have been reported elsewhere since he posted it two days ago and I missed it, sorry if I did, but I found this blog entry from Donovan McNabb himself on http://www.yardbarker.com/ . His entry titled, "A View of Philly Sports", discusses just that, his take on the Sixers signing Elton Brand, the Phillies recent play, Arena league entry Philadephia Soul as well as former Eagle Vai Sikahema's beating of "Mr. Juice" Jose Canseco.

He finishes the entry letting the reader know he is in Arizona training with Brian Dawkins preparing for training camp with more teammates expected soon. He also leaves us with this quote which hopefully gives Eagles fans some hope, "I'm felling great, the shoulder is fine and I can't wait to get started this season." As a man who always takes Steve Smith and McNabb as my two top draft picks in fantasy football (running backs are for wimps with no risking bone in their body), I am hoping he will be healthy even though as of right now, I am not signed up for any fantasy leagues. Here is the link below if you wish to read the entry for myself whether you don't trust me or want to see what he thinks about the Philly sports scene.

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