Friday, July 25, 2008

Wrestling and Carmelo Anthony...And This Time It's Not On The Court

Kind of a vague title I am sure but hey, so is the news item to some so get over it. For those that don't know, I am fan of TNA Wrestling and on their website they have a show called Spin Cycle. Well on the latest edition of the show, TNA superstar 7'1" 330 pound "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan, who also appears on American Gladiator this season, is sporting a #15 Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony jersey. This weeks show, which is hosted by Jeremy Borash regularly, also features commentator Don West(some of you may remember him best as the guy who shouted selling baseball cards at 3am years ago), Karen Angle(the gorgeous knockout wife of Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle) and Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Farrior debating such topics as breast implants, Sting, and even Bret Favre. Seeing Morgan in the jersey made me wonder if maybe we could see Carmelo around TNA one day and if so, what would you think of seeing 'Melo in a wrestling ring and would he have a wrestling nickname? If nothing else, I am sure Melo appreciates the jersey recognition on a 7 footer and being 7'1" and 330 pounds, would you tell him not to wear it? I say if 'Melo wants to get in the ring someday, I would grab up Morgan as your tag partner, he has your jersey so I am sure he could have your back too. And since its also a YouTube video, getting the video here for you was that much easier so enjoy.

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