Friday, July 4, 2008

Couple Quick Pens Notes

First off, it is being reported over the last 24 hours or so that not only have the New York Rangers given up on waiting for Jaromir Jagr to decide his future but he may already have a contract in place. Apparently, he has decided to not play for the Penguins or the NHL period and is ready to sign with Russian team Avangard Omsk, according to their own website, though no contract details are being reported. Penguin fans know it was rumored that Malkin was ready to do this as well but Penguins have him signed now so it looks like their first big name contract will be with Jagr. Question is, how much longer before more players, especially European based players who may want to at least spend their last few years closer to home and can still make millions of dollars (or Euros if you will)?
My other topic is for those of you who like me think hearing a Penguins game is not the same unless you got Mike Lange. I still remember working at Foodland in Plum and when the assistant manager was in charge during that Stanley Cup run of 1991, he would play the radio broadcast over the PA system and Mike made it so much more enjoyable. Not only was he knowledgable but his calls after a goal were legendary and Pens fans love it when Elvis leaves the building as well. What I just found out not long ago is that there are actually shirts with some of these slogans on it so you should check them out by clicking the link below. My only problem is deciding which one I want because I like them all.

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