Sunday, July 6, 2008

Recent Revelations And Ideas

So as most of you know, I am still new to this thing so please bare with me as I try out and sample ideas as they come along. For instance, I liked adding links to other blogs so since I doubt corporate sponsors will be lining up, I figured why not add links also to Orange friendly places. If you go there now under Big Orange Bloggin Chucks Extras, you will find links to where I prefer to purchase my Orange gear as well as my favorite place to eat when I go back to Syracuse (although Sami's Pizza in Bridgeport is right there with them too, that man makes the best garlic pizza and knots ever). But hey, if someone happens to read this and want to negotiate a price for a banner on my site(and I can figure out how), I will be more then happy to assist, especially if its supporting something I love like some good old Mountain Dew or one of the two places mentioned above. Anyway, I thank those of you who come here for your patience, understanding and the time you spend here. I love writing and it is my hope that you enjoy what I put out whether you agree with me or not. Also, in the future, I plan to experiment with some other ideas such as letters to the editor type format where if someone want to submit a topic that is clean and not too negative, I will post it here as well as a couple ideas I will keep in my mind until I work out the kinks. Thank you again for your support and I wish you all nothing but the best.
Orange Chuck
P.S. If anyone is interested, you can Google "Jake's Fate" which was a book I had published where I learned the hard way that editing and proofreading at times, may not be my strongest asset to my writing.

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