Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Opinion Page.....Coming Soon

I have an idea and let me know what you think. Obviously I am always open to accept news items if someone finds something I may like to read but what about your own blog entry without the trouble of setting the whole blog up? Well, now you can. Email me at if you have something you would like to post on here like a letter about your favorite team or commentary on a certain sports or whatever. My only rules are to keep the language clean and try not to be too negative(like personal attacks, name calling and such). Maybe you think Bret Favre deserves to be treated better and you have a reason why or maybe you think the owners of a certain team are doing something you find wrong and want to explain how you can correct it, email me. I will not promise everything gets posted but if I like it, I just might(and I won't always have to agree with you, just looking at more how you defend your view then anything else). If you mix some laughs with some very valid and proven points and sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, I will probably print it. Heck, if you have your own blog or website and you want to plug it, tell people why they should be reading it. I want this blog to be a fun place for people to read stuff and am not afraid to support other people's work without credit(though I will check out any website you try to use to ensure its nothing my granny would hide her eyes from though trust me, you need a lot to offend her). Anyway, good luck and again, email me at and let me know what you got(and also let me know what name you prefer to be referred to as and whether you want your email posted as well). Next time you see "The Opinion Page", it just might be your own.

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